The 4th International Seville Conference on Future-Oriented Technology Analysis (FTA)

FTA for structural and systemic transformations in response to grand societal challenges: integrating insights, transforming institutions and shaping innovation systems


List of FTA briefs












Is Still Technology Enough To Change The World?


Jesús Alquézar Sabadie

Towards Professionalising ‘International S&T Cooperation Foresight’: Epistemological And Methodological Challenges And How To Overcome Them


Alexander Degelsegger

Florian Gruber

The Epistemology Of Technological Foresight


Sandra M. Dingli

Assessment System Of Industrial Technologies Of The Future With Regard To Their Eco-Effectiveness

Jerzy Dobrodziej        

Adam Mazurkiewicz  

Beata Poteralska       


Opening Up The Future To Inspection: Actor-Network Theory And Futures-Scenarios In Uk Government


Farzana Dudhwala

Baseline Scenario Analysis Of The European Consumption Structures Before The Year 2030: Towards Better Scaling Up Strategies Of Consumption-Driven Innovations


Janne Engblom

Satu-Päivi Kantola

Jari Kaivo-Oja


Possibilities For Institutionalizing Constructive Nanotechnology Assessment In Brazil And Portugal: A 8Comparative Study


Paulo Fonseca           

Foresight For EU-Russia R&D And Innovation Cooperation


Manfred Spiesberger

Klaus Schuch

Vicente Carabias       

Karel Haegeman

Alexander Sokolov


Joint Future Thematic S&T Priorities For The European Union And Its Neighbourhood

Vicente Carabias

Cristiano Cagnin        

Karel Haegeman

Manfred Spiesberger

Klaus Schuch

Alexander Sokolov


Delphi Based Disruptive And Surprising Transformation Scenarios On The Future Of Aviation


Steffen Schuckmann

Marco Linz      

Heiko Von Der Gracht

Inga-Lena Darkow


FTA For Infrastructure Policies – Applying Real-Time Delphi Methodology For A Long-Term Industry Outlook Until 2030


Steffen Schuckmann

Heiko Von Der Gracht

Tobias Gnatzy            

Inga-Lena Darkow     


Applying Fta For Nation Building In Post-War Sri Lanka


Chaminda Hettiarachchi

Analysing The Long-Run Trends Of Gdp, Population, Gpi, Isew, Hdi And Gs In An Advanced Knowledge Society: The Case Of Finland And European De-Growth Debate


Jukka Hoffrén

Jari Kaivo-Oja 

Samuli Aho


Defining Critical Drivers Of Life-Long Education In Europe

Veli-Matti Kauppinen

Jari Kaivo-Oja

Samuli Aho


Governance Options Influencing The Canada Clean Energy Sector


Kenneth White

George Emery            

Integrated Methodology Combining Qualitative

And Quantitative Approach Within

Technology Foresight System


Joanna Łabędzka      

Corporate Foresight As A Tool For Setting R&D Priorities For The Strategic Research Institutes.
A Case Study Of Foresight Implementation At The Strategic Research Institute In Poland


Adam Mazurkiewicz  

Anna Sacio–Szymańska

Strategic Technology Roadmapping On Personalized Medicine In Taiwan


Pwu Tsai

Jen-Hwa Yin

 Hei-Jen Lin

 Kang Hsieh

Envisaging The Future Of Learning

Using Multiple Stakeholder Consultations And Social Networking Sites


Christine Redecker    

Yves Punie                                                              

Getting Malaysians To Systematically Look Into The Future


Rushdi Abdul Rahim

Nik Ahmad Faizul Abdul Mallek


At Glance Of Foresight And Competitive Intelligence In Colombia, 2000-2009.

J. Marcela Sánchez-Torres

L. Landínez

J. Galindo        


Future Scenario Of Agribusiness in Argentine Pampas With Focus In The Land Use In Pergamino County


Sebastián Leavy

Homero Dewes

Synergies And Trade-Offs Between Unsustainable Trends Identified In The European Union – Empirical Analysis Carried Out With The Advanced Sustainability Analysis (Asa) Approach



Jyrki Luukkanen         

Jarmo Vehmas

Francesca Allievi       

Juha Panula-Ontto

Jari Kaivo-Oja            

Fta As A Driver For Creation Of National Research And Innovation Systemes In Montenegro.

Đuro Kutlača

Jovan Mirković

Sandra Tinaj



Leveraging Innovation Potentials In Complex Multi-Stakeholder Environments – An Fta Case From The German Automotive Industry


Johannes Warth

Martin Zimmermann

Heiko Von Der Gracht

Inga-Lena Darkow

Integrating Qualitative Historical Data Into A Short-Term Adaptive Planning System


Bruce Garvey  

Nasir Hussain                               

The Perfect Storm


Peter Plougmann                     

Ivar Moltke                     


How To Anticipate Opportunities Around Technologies. Tech-Mining Study Of Emerging Technologies In Two Practical Cases: Waste Recycling And Non-Woven Sectors


Rosa Mª Rio

Ernesto Cilleruel

Fernando Palop         

Building Fta Capacities For Modernization Of The Russian Economy


Alexander Sokolov                               

Anna Poznyak                                       

Improving Scenario Method For Technology Foresight By Soft Computing Techniques


Dagoberto Castellanos Nieves

Antonio D. Masegosa Arredondo

Pablo J. Villacorta Iglesias                                          Pavel Novoa Hernández                                              

David A. Pelta       


Influence Of FTA On Public Policy In Flanders


Ellen Fobé                                  

Marleen Brans                          

Building Anticipatory Intelligence For The Systematic Transformation Of Innovation System- Strategic Technology Roadmapping On Personalized Medicine In Taiwan


Pwu Tsai

Chen-hua Ien

Hai-chen Lin

Kang Hsieh

Improving FTA Through Methodological Innovation, Cross-Validation, And Scientific Foundation – The Case Of FUTURE OF LOGISTICS 2025


Heiko A. von der Gracht        

Inga-Lena Darkow     

The Future Economics: Creative Design Of The Unified Economic Theory


Ivan Klinec

Guiding Innovation For Animal Health In Canada: The Fore-Can Project

Renwick, Shane         

Van der Linden, Ingrid           

Dunlop, James

Dubuc, Martine


From Future Scenarios To Roadmapping:

A Practical Guide To Explore Innovation And Strategy


Lykke Margot Ricard

Kristian Borch            

Bridging The Gap Between Foresight And Market Research: The Case Of Nanotechnology

Norbert Malanowski   

Anette Braun   


Foresight Assessment Of Markets For Future-Oriented Technologies: The Case Of Nanotechnology Foresight In Russia


Marina Doroshenko   

Foresight Scenarios As Tools For The Creation Of A Security Strategy


Michaela Schaschke

Martin Hellmann

Development Of Innovation Strategies For Government And Corporations On The Basis Of Roadmaps: Experience Of The HSE


Oleg Karasev

Konstantin Vishnevskiy         

The Perfect Storm


Peter Plougmann       

Ivar Moltke


Learning Impacts From A Foresight Exercise: An Accompanying Social Research Study

Doris Schartinger       

Doris Wilhelmer                       

Dirk Holste                    

Klaus Kubeczko         


Identifying An Innovation Risk-Utility Pathway For A Newly Emerging Science & Technology: Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells


Ying Guo

Wild Cards As Future Shakers And Shapers


Victor van Rij          

The impact of Web 2.0 in the informal learning of the Portuguese SME


Bruno Marques      

Rui Brandão