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About us

The European Foresight team is part of the scientific action 'ERA policy mixes, joint programming and foresight' and engages with the other actions within the Knowledge for Growth (KfG) Unit of JRC-IPTS by applying Foresight to gather anticipatory intelligence in the issues investigated and in the policy fields focus of other Actions of the Unit.

The mission of the KfG Unit is to provide evidence-based strategic techno-economic intelligence to support policy-making in the development of a competitive and sustainable knowledge-based economy and society in Europe. The European Foresight team is especially supporting the structured stakeholder dialogue on possible future pathways for development of science and technology and its embedding into society

The ERA policy mixes, joint programming and foresight action aims at providing policy makers in both the Commission and the Member States with relevant information and analysis to support evidence-based policy-making in the research field in Europe and to contribute to the realisation of the European Research Area (ERA).

The objective of the Industrial Research and Innovation action is to provide EU policy makers with a better understanding of investment in research and its relation to economic performance. This will help stimulating investment in research, in view of the target to raise R&D expenditures to 3% of GDP in the EU, with two-thirds coming from the private sector.

The ERA Analysis action conducts analyses relevant to European research policy, drawing mainly on the information available in the web-based ERAWATCH knowledge platform. It focuses on research and development (R&D) policies and programmes in Europe, trends in public R&D and emerging issues relevant to R&D policy.


Foresigh/Future Technology Oriented Analysis - Policies & Public R&D - Industrial Research - Socio-Economic Analyses


The JRC-IPTS Team Working in European Foresight

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